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Voluntary Experience

Voluntary Experience

Associate Editor / 2019-2020

American Journal of Education (AJE) Student Forum

  • Following a three-year-long membership at the AJE, I took on the leadership role of being an associate editor where I manage the reviewing process of our members’ submissions and assist with the publishing of pieces on
Voluntary Experience

Student Planning Committee Member / Jan-Apr 2019

Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)

  • With Dr. Post, the President of CIES, and his graduate assistants, I assisted with the organization of the CIES 2019. My main responsibilities were to organize the conference sessions and to manage the social media account.
Voluntary Experience

Board Member / 2018-2019

Penn State, College of Education Graduate Student Council, (CoEGSC)

  • As the Educational Policy Studies (EPS) representative, organized CoEGSC’s signature conference, titled “Research Island” that aims to help graduate students with publishing educational research and navigate academia in general.
Voluntary Experience

President / 2017-2019

Penn State, International Education Student Association (IESA)

  • After serving as IESA’s treasurer from 2017-18, I served as the president of IESA, a student organization that aims to foster the development of graduate students interested in Comparative and International Education.
Voluntary Experience

Member / 2016-2017

University of Maine, Women in Academia, (WIA)

  • I helped organize workshops, roundtable discussions with guest speakers to provide University of Maine graduate students with opportunities to network, inform one another and discuss issues related to gender and minority status in the academic context of higher education.
Voluntary Experience

Member / 2010-2011

Bilkent University, Fostering a better tomorrow

  • Spent time with foster children on Sundays who were staying with social worker host families.
Voluntary Experience

Assistant / 2009-2010

Women’s Platform United Kingdom, (WPUK)

  • Provided organizational assistance for the founder of WPUK. WPUK provides educational and social support for Turkish women in London.

"You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great."

Maya Angelou

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