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The Pennsylvania State University

Research Assistant / Aug 2018 – Present

  • Reviewed literature and verified historical data for Dr. Maryellen Schaub’s research on the social construction of childhood and motherhood and the effects of schooling as an institution

Graduate and Research Assistant/ Aug 2018 – May 2019

Coded and analyzed interview and document data for Dr. Dana Mitra’s evaluation project for Oregon Student Voice (OSV). OSV is a student-led organization that aims to empower students in Oregon to be authentic partners in making decisions that affect their K-12 education.

Co-wrote the “Evaluation Report of Oregon Student Voice”

Provided organizational assistance for the 3-day International Conference on Student Voice, which took place at the University of Pennsylvania

Reviewed literature on student voice. Created a compilation of the most recent and rigorous scientific research on student voice to be offered to the conference attendees.

  • Designed the conference website.
  • Assisted with the publishing of conference proceedings on the International Journal for Student Voice.
  • Created digital advertisement posters and conference banner.
  • Managed catering services.
  • Collected conference payments
  • Managed conference registrations.
  • Organized conference packets.
  • Assisted with the digital recordings of the conference sessions.
    • Assisted Dr. Dana Mitra with the qualitative analysis and the writing of an evaluation for Oregon Student Voice (OSV) that aims to empower all students to be authentic partners in making decisions that affect their K-12 education.
    • I also assisted Dr. Dana Mitra with the organization of the International Conference on Student Voice that took place at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Research Assistant / Sep 2016 – Aug 2017

    Research Assistant to Dr. Catharine Biddle / University of Maine

    • Conducted research for an evaluation on one of the programs of a non-profit organization called Up for Learning that aimed to guide seven high-schools during their transition process with a new state policy, ACT 77. The policy was passed in Vermont in 2013, which mandated each student to enroll in a personalized learning plan.
    • The evaluation was done on a program called Communicating School Redesign offered by Up for Learning that focuses on youth-adult collaboration, dialogue, and student leadership. The main aim of the program was to observe and report on the adjustment process of schools to the new state policy.

    Research Assistant / Oct 2016 – Mar 2017

    Strategies & Practices to Encourage School Leadership / University of Maine

    • Assisted with the transcription and coding of the data collected by Dr. Ian Mette and Dr. Janet Fairman for the project titled “Strategies & Practices to Encourage School Leadership”.
    • Conducted for the Maine Educational Policy Research Institute (MEPRI), the focus of this research was on strategies, supports, and supervision of teacher leaders and the development of future school leaders.

    Research Assistant / 2010 – 2014

    Research Assistant to Dr. William M. Brown / University of East London

    • Continued to provide research support for my master’s degree advisor, Dr. William M. Brown with data collection as we increased our sample size for our study on evolutionary psychology that aimed to discover the relationship between facial symmetry, reproductive, and career success.

    Undergraduate Research Assistant / 2008 – 2009

    The Metamorphosis of Metaphors of Vision: “Bridging” Turkey’s Location, Role and Identity After the End of Cold War / Bilkent University

    • Collected data for the now-published article “The Metamorphosis of Metaphors of Vision: “Bridging” Turkey’s Location, Role and Identity After the End of Cold War,” (2009) Geopolitics, 14, 3. p. 531-549.
    • This project focused on political identity, foreign policy, and political metaphors.

    Dagistan, S. (2019). Student voice in the teacher evaluation process: A lost opportunity.

    Teacher Evaluation Policy Series / AJE Forum


    Fairman, J., Mette, I., & Dagistan Terzi, S. (2017). Strategies, Supports, and Supervision of Teacher Leaders and Development of Future School Leaders

    MEPRI / Maine Education Policy Research Institute


    Mitra, D. & Dagistan, S. (2018, December)

    Evaluation report of Oregon student voice. / The Pennsylvania State University


    Biddle, C. & Dagistan, S. (2017)

    Communicating school redesign evaluation – Year IV. / The University of Maine


    Biddle, C. & Dagistan, S. (2016)

    Communicating school redesign evaluation – Year III. / The University of Maine

    Conference Presentation

    Presenter / Apr 2021

    American Educational Research Association (AERA)

    • Democracy and youth participation – A multi-level analysis
    • Local children’s perception and experience of nationalism and citizenship in a mainstream Turkish elementary school.
    Conference Presentation

    Presenter / Apr 2021

    Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)

    • The social construction of youth participation: The Relationship of Youth Civic Participation to Democratic Schooling Processes and Democracy
    Conference Presentation

    Presenter / Nov 2018

    UCEA – University Council for Educational Administration

    • Exploring the impact, distribution and congruence on student voice: A quantitative case study.
    • Impacts of student voice on student perceptions of tolerance and inclusion
    Conference Presentation

    Presenter / Oct 2018

    Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Northeastern Regional Conference

    • Walking the talk: Analyzing student voice in education in the Republic of Turkey.
    Conference Presentation

    Presenter / Nov 2017

    UCEA – University Council for Educational Administration

    • Flipping the script on youth’s role in student-learning policy.
    Conference Presentation

    Presenter / Apr 2017

    NEERO – New England Educational Research Organization

    • Negotiating the meaning of a mandate: Youth leadership in policy interpretation and street-level bureaucracy in schools.

    "You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great."

    Maya Angelou

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